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How many times have you heard 'they don't make 'em like that anymore' concerning movies? Golden Oldies they are called. The Golden Age of Cinema usually refers to the 1930s but we're adding 30 years or so to that and adding some years before them, if possible.

Movies you could bring the whole family to. Movie Stars were larger than life and nobody really cared or knew about their social life. Lines of people were drawn for every John Wayne movie at the theater. People ran to a Jimmy Stewart/Humphrey Bogart/Charlie Chaplin picture. Before the Production Code really splintered America and movies became very explicit, restrictive, parental guided.

These are all trailers, teasers, re-issues, maybe a few clips. They will be labeled. And all movies are available online or at your local vidoe store. It's a history of the movie industry - when it counted. Before the muti-plexes and instant video trivialized it all.

We are ending it in the 1960s when the counter-culture set in and movies were stretching the bounderies of taste and what could be shown. Not that these movies were bad but you had to be careful as to what to go and see. Remember, Midnight Cowboy was the first X-rated movie to win a Best Picture Oscar, and that was 1969! Nowadays, that movie would be rather tame in today's standards.

At right are example trailers from each movie genre. Just let them all play out or hit the next button to watch the next trailer.

So sit back and enjoy. The movie trailers on the following pages are now through YouTube but each genre will have an example trailer on the first page of each genre listed. And hit the logo on each page to send you back here to the home page. We will continue adding videos as long as possible. All in glorious black and white and technocolor.

And yes this site was shamelessly borrowed from Saul Bass' poster of Anatomy of a Murder.

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